My sons photographic debut

7 08 2008

We were on vacation last week I was sitting in the back with the boys my oldest boy asked to see my iPhone and took these pictures not bad for 3 years old.



Heading up to Canada, Eh!

27 07 2008

canadaThe fam and I are heading up to Canada for some R&R and to shoot a wedding. So needless to say the blog will be quite for the next week or so.

Besides I am not sure if my in-laws igloo has electricity, or the internet.

Kids say the funniest stuff.

1 07 2008

My wife took our oldest boy into Lowes with her to get some supplies for our sunroom renovation. The store was about to close so they basicly had the store to themselves. A few minutes in and this became aparent to my oldest boy who then wispered to my wife. “Mom, where are all the strangers?”

That is why I love kids. They have the best perspective!


13 05 2008

Vladstudio Dandelion 800X600Yesterday I was doing some yard work. My son was playing outside. I was pulling up by the root every dandelion in our yard. My son ran over to me visibly shaken. Saying “Dad stop! Stop killing all of the flowers.” “They are beautiful and I love them.”

So often the childlike faith that Jesus refers to in the gospels eludes me at times. I need to see plants, people and circumstances as flowers and not weeds. There is a very thin line between a flower and a weed and much of that lies in our faith-filled perspective.

Is there anything in your life or ministry that is a flower yet you treat it like a weed?

Boy #2 turns #1.

21 04 2008


We had a combo dedication/birthday party for my youngest son Sunday. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. It is always nice to spend time with family and friends celebrating a happy occasion.

I love my family. I love my boys so much. It never ceases to amaze me how two kids can grow up in the exact same environment and be so different. My youngest is so outgoing he smiles at everyone all the time. His laugh is so infectious.

After we had our first son I didn’t think I could love another child as much as I love my oldest. But I think parenting is one of those many things that help us understand God’s nature on a small level. I have found that my love for my kids is not divided by multiplied and spread evenly. If you were to ask me which one is my favorite I could honestly tell you neither. They are so unique I could talk to you for hours about aspects about each of my boys that I love. I think on a small simplistic scale that is how God sees us.

(BTW my lovely, talented wife made the giraffe cake pictured above and her BFF made the rice crispies)

Easter Hangover.

23 03 2008

We had a great Easter Service. At our kids church the room was packed with kid from K5 to 6th grade (We combined our age groups this week for easter only). We had a great time in small groups doing age appropriate activities and when it came to the bible story you could hear a pin drop as the kids hung on every important word.

It was great to see the kids go from sadness upon hearing what Christ has done for us to joy as they heard of the account of risen saviour and what it must have been like to receive the joyous news that Jesus was alive.

The best part of the service is 12 kids made a decision to follow Christ something I never take lightly because I still remember when I made that decision during nap time at the age of 5.

What a great day. What a great saviour.

After the service we had some of our best friends over for a Luce Easter dinner, Pasta, Lamb, veggies and of course desert and coffee.

Hannah and Sean are some of our closest friends. I am so thankful for friends like them. Hannah has a great blog check it out. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery so I thought I would post some pictures of our day in true Hannah fashion.

Hope your resurrection day was a good one.





Top Toys for Christmas 2007

18 12 2007

Every year there is always a toy that people stand in long lines for. That is “flying off the shelves.” I don’t know if there is one that is doing that this year. But often I am asked what toys are the cool toys that kids want this year so I made a list of my own and included links to others lists.

In No particular Order

Nintendo Wii


Baby Alive


Air Hogs Spinmaster remote controlled helicopter.

Kid tough digital camera for girls

Hannah Montana Microphone

Strawberry Shortcake

Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime

CD’s or DVD’s

Those are what I think kids want from talking kids. Merry Christmas hope this helps Below are links to other lists.