10 Misconceptions about Canada

4 09 2007

istockphoto_2304735_lumberjack_mchipster078.jpg10. Every Canadian ends each sentence in Eh! Eh.

9. Because the population of Canada is smaller than the US we assume that everyone in Canada knows each other.

8. Canada has three seasons cold – winter – and construction.

7. All Canadians wish they were from the United States

6. Canada doesn’t have a military

5. Everyone is either a lumberjack or Curlers.

4. They are Pacifists like their European brothers.

3. They only care about hockey and soccer (Well that is borderline.)

2. They have a president and live in states.

1. Everyone lives in an igloo.




4 responses

5 09 2007

Well…I would say that #3 is pretty accurate eh 🙂

7 09 2007
Johnny E!

Just like christians, many misconceptions, but some people do a good job of enforcing them.

24 09 2008


6 02 2010

They forgot the maple syrup!

No seriously, I have never even seen an igloo, I live in Canada. I don’t even know whether they are made of ice or snow. AAAHHHH I hate hockey and soccer! I have never said”eh” in my life, it’s so hot in the summer, I no way in hell do I know millions and millions of people. Bull S**T!

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