Leave the 99 and go for the 1

31 07 2007

This is my last post about the generation conference …..until next year.

If I were to take just one thing from this conference it is that God is passionate about people. We need to lay aside the things we think we need. We need to lay aside the things we want and pursue what matters to God. One thing I have been guilty of and I believe the church as a whole has been guilty of is that we stay with the 99 and leave the one. That is not where God’s priorities are. God is intensely passionate about the one. You and I need to be passionate about the one. We need to love God and Love others!

Below is the opening video to our conference I think that it illustrates at least in part where God’s heart is.


What I learned from Ed Young

30 07 2007

b-host-eym.jpgI had the wonderful opportunity to meet one of my spiritual heros at our generation conference. I was blown away by his humility and by how personable he was. It is very humbling for a Pastor who has 20,000 people in his church to not only listen to you but ask you questions to get your perspective on things.

What did i learn from Ed Young?

He truly has a passion for reaching people who are far from God.

He truly cares about people.

He is what he preaches. He exudes Authenticity.

He says that he loves asking questions and he really does ask a lot of questions. He never stops learning, I love that.

He has a way of talking the conversation and using it to find out more about you.

He is 100% passionate about the local church.

He lives the theme of our conference. He really does Love God and Love others.

Generation Confernce Wrap Up.

28 07 2007


All I can say is WOW. What a great 3 days. It was such an honor to be part of such an amazing event. God is so good.

Highlights for me.

1600 kids passionate about God – learning how to love God and love others more.

Hearing Joyce Meyer for the first time – she can preach. I was very impressed I think to often she is thought of as only being a woman’s conference person. She brought it Thursday night.

Hearing, meeting, talking, and getting my picture taken with one of my heros Ed Young. I will talk more about this in another post. I was blown away by Ed. I used to respect him after this week he took my respect for him to a new level.

Being part of a big team that belongs to a church with big vision.

The Jumbo video screens (the media geeek in me)

Knowing the video’s were projected by a mac (the Steve Job’s loving media geek in me)

Talking with old friends and meeting new ones.

Knowing that the next GenCon is at least 1 year away and not 7 months away like this one was.

Meeting Ed Young, He so nice I had to mention it twice. (If you have ever heard Ed speak, you know he loves to rhyme).

Live updates from the Generation Conference

25 07 2007


Here is a link for live updates of the conference. Generation Conference 2007 Live.

6 hours left and 5 videos left to make………yikes….

Sporadic Posts

24 07 2007

We are having our 11th annual Generation Conference this week so my posts. Will be sporadic. I will do my best to update everyone during the conference.

The evening speakers this year are Chris Hill (Bishop T.D. Jakes former youth pastor), Joyce Meyer, and Ed Young.


32, 4, and 6

23 07 2007

We are in the midst of raising funds for our kids wing remodel. So we made a video to highlight the value of children’s ministry.

This powerful statistic comes from George Barna’s book “Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions”. I have quoted it below.

George Barna reported that “the greatest evangelistic window currently available is among young children.” According to the data gathered, children, ages 5 through 13 have a 32 % probability of coming to Christ while teenagers and adults have just a 4% and 6% probability respectively of doing so. Barna continued in the report to state “that if a person does not accept Christ as savior before the age of 14 the likelihood of ever doing so is slim.”

What the church can learn from Ratatouille. Part 2 (Duex)

19 07 2007

trat4.jpgPicking up from yesterday I think that another illustration that we could use from the movie Ratatouille is when Anton Ego comes into the restaurant to taste the food that Linguini has been making.

“Anton Ego, the most powerful food critic in Paris, can make or break a restaurant with a single review. The sight of his dour, colorless and unsmiling face strikes fear into the heart of even the most complacently successful of culinary celebrities. Chefs have become so afraid of displeasing ‘The Grim Eater,’ as he is commonly known, that no one dares to change a menu without his blessing.”

Towards the end of the movie Ego comes to review a restaurant that has become the talk of the town. Young talented chief that uses uncommon techniques for producing masterpieces.

Everyone fears Ego. When he comes to the restaurant everyone wants to cook something “typical” Remy the Rat has a different idea. He suggests they cook a “peasant” dish for him. Unheard of, cooking a peasant dish for the great Anton Ego.

This dish is prepared and served to him and he takes a bite and is instantly transported back to his childhood. The very taste of this “peasant dish” made him feel the same sense of goodness he felt when he was a child. He was so overwhelmed that he could overlook the fact it was made by a rat.

I thinks this speaks volumes to the church about the importance of children’s ministry. If we provide and experience that is powerful and touches kids emotionally and spirtually. They will never ever forget it. It will leave a wonderful taste in their mouth of who God is and what he can do. And when they have grown they will seek out a church that provides the same experience for their kids as they had growing up.

Bottom line “Parents will put up with a lot if their kids love church”.