Change something

13 08 2008

I have been doing a good amount of creative thought as well as a decent amout of writing. I have been in a creative rut brought on by a busyness, deadlines, and the cares of life.

How I get out of creative ruts.

Change location – get out of the office. Go somewhere different, perhaps a local coffee shop, a park, maybe a healing tree (vailed Michael Jackson referance)

Disconnect – Unplug all your stuff and sit think and pray old school. This one is the most difficult one for me.

Engage – talk to someone who has a different perspective or viewpoint than you. I always love seeing a problem or situation from another perspective.


Reinventing the wheel of PreSchool Ministry. (1 of 4)

8 10 2007

If you don’t know it’s broke you can’t fix it.

noahCan you imagine if we all still had square wheels? I think someone had to come along and say there has got to be a better way.

I had a square wheel moment the other day when I received a shipment of PreSchool curriculum that had flannelgraphs. Flannelgraph, thats right, if it is good enough for June Cleaver it still must be good today. “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” I think that sometime in children’s ministry you have to break somethings.

One thing that really bothers me is my son watches The Little Einstein’s, Curious George, The Backyardigans, and Bob The Builder, and goes to church and sees the flannelgraph plan of salvation.

I do want to say that our teachers do a FANTASTIC job the problem is not them it’s me. I haven’t thought outside the curriculum box. But the other day I had a God though, a round wheel moment.

Children of the Corn Eh!

1 10 2007

picture-1.pngI went this last weekend with my good friend and fellow blogger pastor Mike Servello, to a youth conference in Kitchner Ont. Canada. We had a fantastic time.

We meet the youth pastor Paul Dunk and his wife Susan. They are wonderful people we hit if off right away. It is always so great to meet people who live hundreds of miles away yet share the same hart and same values.

The have a lot of great stuff going on. They have a children’s outreach to areas in their city most in need. They have a great Christian school. They also share my passion for using the arts and creativity to effective preach the gospel and effect culture from the inside out.

But what I love most about about this church is their passion for children and children’s ministries. I was so impressed. It is so great to see people doing powerful things for God in the midst of a literal corn field.

Here is their site check them out.

What the church can learn from Ratatouille. Part 2 (Duex)

19 07 2007

trat4.jpgPicking up from yesterday I think that another illustration that we could use from the movie Ratatouille is when Anton Ego comes into the restaurant to taste the food that Linguini has been making.

“Anton Ego, the most powerful food critic in Paris, can make or break a restaurant with a single review. The sight of his dour, colorless and unsmiling face strikes fear into the heart of even the most complacently successful of culinary celebrities. Chefs have become so afraid of displeasing ‘The Grim Eater,’ as he is commonly known, that no one dares to change a menu without his blessing.”

Towards the end of the movie Ego comes to review a restaurant that has become the talk of the town. Young talented chief that uses uncommon techniques for producing masterpieces.

Everyone fears Ego. When he comes to the restaurant everyone wants to cook something “typical” Remy the Rat has a different idea. He suggests they cook a “peasant” dish for him. Unheard of, cooking a peasant dish for the great Anton Ego.

This dish is prepared and served to him and he takes a bite and is instantly transported back to his childhood. The very taste of this “peasant dish” made him feel the same sense of goodness he felt when he was a child. He was so overwhelmed that he could overlook the fact it was made by a rat.

I thinks this speaks volumes to the church about the importance of children’s ministry. If we provide and experience that is powerful and touches kids emotionally and spirtually. They will never ever forget it. It will leave a wonderful taste in their mouth of who God is and what he can do. And when they have grown they will seek out a church that provides the same experience for their kids as they had growing up.

Bottom line “Parents will put up with a lot if their kids love church”.

What the church can learn from Ratatouille.

18 07 2007

6zd3e_forum_ratatouille1.jpgI saw this movie the other day and loved it. Pixar rocks. I thought there were quite a few clips that could be used as illustrations for kids or adults.

The first one I saw was in the opening sequence when Remy the rat first discovers he has a amazing sense of smell he knows that it is for something creative and good. He ends up saving his family from being killed because he could smell rat poison. How do they thank him. They make him the official food sniffer. They make him smell the garbage they are all eating. He ends up having to leave the family to find a place to express his gift.

I think the church does this to people all the time. We find out something that people are good at an make them do that instead of what they are passionate about.

Evangelism old school vs. new school.

5 07 2007

I saw this video on a friend of mine’s blog. He was talking about church marketing. It got me thinking but down a slightly different vein.

I think that how we do evangelism in todays church must change. Because who we are reaching has changed.

This video says it all. Watch it with different eyes. View it not as [advertiser/customer] but [Church/seeker] respectively.

Great Quotes: Marketing

29 06 2007


“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t,”

Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s Blog – Great read