Before and After Jonathan Martin Creative.

6 05 2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand. I can only think of four.

Yeah God and Yeah Team

Img 4065 2

Img 4702

Img 4088

Img 4722

Img 4066

Img 4714


Jonathan Martin Creative Rocks!

5 05 2008

JMC_TEAMWhat can I say. It has been about a year and a half in the making and it has been a huge pleasure at every turn. We have been so blessed to work with an organization that shares our passion for creating lifechanging environments for kids.

From Rachel in the office to Bill the head artist and Kristin (Super nice, super artistic, super humble. My kind of people) Crazy Mike and his construction crew kept us hopping and ducking from paint tape balls. Shannon and Curt with their helpful painting pointers. And everyone else I am forgetting. Thank you.

Jonathan Martin Creative is a well oiled machine. I am so amazed that a creative person like Jonathan Martin can run such a tight ship and yet give his people the freedom to make on the site decisions to make the project better. I never got to meet Jonathan, but I know who he is because of the quality of the people who serve him.

Lastly I want to thank the volunteers from our church who are to numerous to name. People who gave time and money to the point of leaving me speechless. Thank you for your faith, thank you for your passion for kids. Thank you, thank you.

I do want to thank a couple of people who when above and beyond. Dave Myers and Dan Buck. Thank you so much. I literally could not have done this with out you.

Progress finally progress!

22 04 2008

Wow it is really starting to come together!

It is such a surreal thing walking around in halls that are beginning to look like the drawings and the concepts that have been in the works for months. I am blown away by the stuff Jonathan Martin Creative are doing. Bill and his team are a smooth running machine. I respect their artistic talent, but what I appreciate most is their attitude they really care about the local church and seeing life transformation take place in the lives of kids.

Many of the people on the team have spent years in children’s ministry it is great to know that we are all on the same team.

I can not wait for May 4th those kids are going to be blown away! I think the whole Uptown team will be as well.






Jonathan Martin Creative arrives in full force!

15 04 2008

The team from JMC arrived today they are building, unpacking and painting. This is going to happen quick!




Work Day 2.0

18 03 2008

What do you get when you combine 12 men 4 jack hammers and a back hoe.

A huge mess.

We had our second workday getting ready for JMC.

We took up 2500 square feet of floor tile. 3500 square feet of ceiling tiles. Ripped out carpet and prepped walls for paint.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out. It is going to be great. Thanks again.



Themed Environment continued: Jonathan Martin Creative

5 03 2008

The next company that is working on our children’s wing is Jonathan Martin Creative.

They truly are creative. I have only talked to Jonathan Martin a couple of times but I have been very impressed by his creative ideas. He really is good at what he does. I am very excited to see how he and his team bring to life in our church the plans he has drawn out.

I talked with Rachel from Jonathan Martin Creative today and we are definitely still on for a start date of the second week of April and finish date the first few days of May. I really can’t believe it. It has been almost two years since we began this process.

I would highly Jonathan Martin. They have been fantastic throughout the process. One of the reasons that we went with Jonathan Martin was the style in which they do cityscapes. I really feel that the end product will be something that will stand the test of time that kids from 2 to 102 will be blown away. But the thing that really gets me going is praying for and believing for all the lives that are going to be transformed. I know God is going to do huge things.

It is going to be so great to see the faces of the kids when they see the finished product for the first time.

I can’t wait for april. Here are some of the initial renderings from Jonathan Martin.

MtZion 6b

Mt. Zion - small hall

Environment continued: Worlds of Wow

27 02 2008

MtZion_Play Unit_1
We have had the pleasure over the past year and a half to work with 3 great companies.
The first company I want to talk about is
Worlds of Wow. They are building and installing our indoor playground. They are a great company that does everything from mural work, 3D sculpted elements to indoor playgrounds.

Reagan Hillier is the head honcho over there he is a great guy and a class act. I have nothing but good things to say about him and his company. It has been a pleasure to work with him along the way.

I know from talking to them they really have a passion for transforming environments for kids and families. I talked to many people who have used them in the past all of them were more that pleased with what Worlds of Wow did for them.

If you are interested in transforming your environment give Reagan and his team a call the are great to work with.