It’s Offical, I am Moving!

24 08 2008

After blogging for about a year and half now I have decided to move my blog to host it myself. I did this for a few reasons but one of the main reasons is so that my blog can reflect the look and feel of our new kids website.

My new home will be please note this change as all my posts from now on will be at that location. (I have been update two identical blogs for a while not fun).

I will also let you know when our new website is up and the content is live.

Thanks so much to all who have followed me here at samluce.wordpress. I hope to see you over at! If you do make sure you drop me a line and tell me I sent you.



Working Together 4 of 4 (Meet my Youth Pastor)

21 07 2008

n657515256_2832481_8910His name is Mark Schilling he likes watching movies and taking long walks on the beach. Just kidding.

Mark is a great guy. He is actually the second Youth Pastor I have had the privilege of working with. There are many things that I appreciate about Mark.

His commitment to the local church

Mark is totally committed to the local church he wants to see our church and the church as a whole succeed. He is a gifted communicator and great leader. I love his strait-forward approach to life I learn from him each day. He is passionate about youth but also genuinely loves to see the smallest child to the oldest adult ministered to.

He is one of the funniest guys I know.

This may sound stupid but I really appreciate a well refined sense of humor and if you know Mark at all he has a God given ability to make a comment that I laugh about for days. (Really helpful during long staff meetings.)

He is a real person.

One of my spiritual gifts is the spotting of spiritual counterfeits. I can spot image managers a mile away. Needless to say I am not a fan of fake Pastors with an agenda. Mark is a genuine you can talk to him about deep spiritual things, personal things, and stupid stuff like “The Office”. I love that.

He is a man of intense faith.

A little over a year ago his daughter got sick. Very scary stuff. I say Mark grow in his faith through that crazy difficult time. God did a miracle in his daughter and in him.

Lastly he has a great family.

As a children’s pastor that is big to me. His wife is wonderful and his kids are a riot. It is a pleasure to work on the same team with him.

He also blogs check him out here.

Big News!

25 06 2008

postcard front

We are hosting our first ever Youth Worker/Children’s Worker conference. Very excited.

What is this conference all about?

Context is everything. As youth and children’s workers we need understand the proper way embrace culture and use things from culture to communicate the lifechanging truth of God’s word. Jesus did this all the time. He understood the power of proper context. He used what his audience knows and understands, fishing, farming, ect to communicate the unchanging truths of the kingdom.

It doesn’t matter if you come from a church of 100 or 10,000 we all need life giving realationships Pipleline started from a philosophy that Youth and Children’s ministries are inseparable. We need each other. This conference will be more than just some great ideas but our hope is that it will birth strategic alliances between Youth pastors, and Children’s pastors.

Who is speaking?

Aaron Reynolds
Bill Wilson
Jude Fouquier

When is it?

November 14th and 15th, 2008

Who should attend?

1. Senior Pastors
2. Youth workers
3. Children’s workers

It will be cheap enough that whole ministry teams can afford to come.

How to Deal (How I deal with grief)

13 02 2008

Here is a list of resources that have helped me the past year.

A grief observed C.S.Lewis
When we hurt Philip Yancey
Changes that Heal Henry Cloud
The problem of Pain C.S. Lewis
Second Guessing God
The Bible (Mainly Job and Psalms)
Also I would add that most funeral homes have great resources about talking with kids about death, how to deal with loss ect.

Lastly it’s not a resource that you can buy but being able to talk through stuff and receive prayer all within healthy community. We all need others and that need is never more evident than when you are hurting.

ServanTeerism (part 2)

13 11 2007

Praying Vs. Pulpit Pleading.

When I first became the children’s pastor at my church everyone quit. I was faced with my first servanteerism dilemma. What is your main recruitment tool? Everybody has a fail-safe method for when you get hit with mass volunteer exodus.

I had always grown up in church and had seen mostly a combo of well placed bulletin announcements mixed with a few pulpit pleas. I had only been a children’s pastor for only a few months and sat down to write said “well place bulletin announcement”, when I felt God speak to me not to.

I felt God speak to me that He cared for the kids even more than I and not to settle for workers, who help out of obligation, but shepherds who have a passion for kids.

Without prayer, volunteer recruitment is pointless and fruitless.

We live in an area where lots of our kids leave to go to school elsewhere and then leave for good to find well paying jobs in their field. I recently lost around 7 key teachers. Back in the day this would have been cause for concern.

I have prayed, will pray and need to pray. God sees what my needs are before I even ask. What amazes me most is God always replaces that irreplaceable team member with someone even better. God is so good.

The basis of servanteerism has been and always will be prayer. Prayer changes things. If you need volunteers, pray to the Lord of the harvest.

John 10:11-1311“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. 12The worker who is paid to keep the sheep is different from the shepherd who owns them. So when the worker sees a wolf coming, he runs away and leaves the sheep alone. Then the wolf attacks the sheep and scatters them. 13The man runs away because he is only a paid worker. He does not really care for the sheep.

Pharaoh Let My Yankees Go!

7 10 2007

logoIt is with a heavy heart I blog this post. My New York Yankees suffered a loss of literal Biblical proportions. I think I witnessed the first Baseball game played during a quasi-biblical plague.

I fear for Cleveland if the Yankees do not win today. All I have to say is Lambs blood Cleveland. We want you to avoid the whole first born thing.

In the meantime Cleveland let my Yankees win!

I’ll never forget.

11 09 2007