YouTube Friday: Worst Preacher Ever

15 08 2008

Studying for my camp messages and a friend of mine told me about this video. I am not sure why, maybe to boost my confidence or keep me from preaching a similar message to 6th graders. Either way it’s a crazy video all I can say is WOW.

(Brief disclaimer if you are in Bible College – Watch this video and do the exact opposite of what he does)


Kids say the funniest stuff.

1 07 2008

My wife took our oldest boy into Lowes with her to get some supplies for our sunroom renovation. The store was about to close so they basicly had the store to themselves. A few minutes in and this became aparent to my oldest boy who then wispered to my wife. “Mom, where are all the strangers?”

That is why I love kids. They have the best perspective!


13 05 2008

Vladstudio Dandelion 800X600Yesterday I was doing some yard work. My son was playing outside. I was pulling up by the root every dandelion in our yard. My son ran over to me visibly shaken. Saying “Dad stop! Stop killing all of the flowers.” “They are beautiful and I love them.”

So often the childlike faith that Jesus refers to in the gospels eludes me at times. I need to see plants, people and circumstances as flowers and not weeds. There is a very thin line between a flower and a weed and much of that lies in our faith-filled perspective.

Is there anything in your life or ministry that is a flower yet you treat it like a weed?

Christmas Gets crazier every year.

19 12 2007

white181207_468x599I came across this story. Is it just me or is the Christmas controversy getting crazier every year. I would like to say that I care for animals but what I can’t understand is why no one is upset about this worker is dressed just like Santa, the whale has only a hat on and he is getting all the press.

A sign that the apocalypse is upon us. Whales wearing Santa hats and people being angry about it. Check out the story below.

Animal activists’ anger after aquarium puts Santa hats on whales

YouTube Friday: Happy

30 11 2007

I saw this and knew my son would like it. Slapstick. Pirates. Farting. How could you not like it.

YouTube Friday: More Cowbell and spirtual gifts.

19 10 2007

What is the one thing you are good at? We need to find that one thing that we do well and explore the space around us. Find out what your gift is and do it and do it with all your heart. When we don’t do what God has called us to do we rob those around us.

So to all of you who have not found your place of ministry in the church. I know I speak for children’s pastors everywhere when I say this “We need more cowbell.”

YouTube Friday: Juice Man in Context

21 09 2007

There are certain people and certain things in life that just make you laugh, cry, and get warm fuzzies. When I grew up I watched In Living Color on a regular basis. Jim Carey was so funny in every skit he did from Vera Demilo to Fire Marshall Bill.

This video makes me laugh every time I see it. I have seen it plenty and still laugh every time I love it. What makes it funny is if you understand who Jim Carey is acting like. You appreciate the subtleties of his humor so much more when you understand the context.

Context is a powerful thing. How many times have you said “Oh so thats what they meant”. Relevance is a huge buzzword in church culture today. If people don’t understand were you are coming from and you don’t understand where they are, relevance will never happen.

How can we apply the power of God’s word to someones life in a way that is significant to them and by no means compromises the message of Christ? We need to understand their context and preach the word in a way that they can understand it’s context.

Anyway here are two very funny videos. They are both funny the first one is for context.

That was the real juice man: Jay Kordich. This next one is Jim Carey.