YouTube Friday: Hillsong Healer Correction

22 08 2008

A couple of weeks ago I posted a youtube video from Hillsong. It has come to my attention that the author of the song was faking his terminal illness. Here is the article explaining it.

I am still a huge fan of Hillsong. I feel very badly especially for his wife and kids. I still believe every word that was written under false pretenses. Despite his obvious delusional state, every word he or someone who wrote that song “Healer” says about our God is true.


YouTube Friday: Worst Preacher Ever

15 08 2008

Studying for my camp messages and a friend of mine told me about this video. I am not sure why, maybe to boost my confidence or keep me from preaching a similar message to 6th graders. Either way it’s a crazy video all I can say is WOW.

(Brief disclaimer if you are in Bible College – Watch this video and do the exact opposite of what he does)

YouTube Friday: Hillsong Live – Healer

1 08 2008

I came across this video from a couple of my blogger buddies, Jason and Gareth. Wow! Powerful stuff very moving. If you can watch the following videos and not be moved your God is to small.

The first video talks about what you will see in the second video make sure you watch both. Very moving. We truly serve a supernatural God. Never forget that.

Story behind The song

Song performed live at Hillsong.

YouTube Friday:Treadmill Men

25 07 2008

Better late than never! This one always cracks me up.

Have a great weekend.

YouTube Friday: Hillsong is the collective man!

27 06 2008

I know, I know I am starting to sound like a Hillsong groupie. I saw this video last week and was blown away. It is a fantastic, fun, out of the box camp promo. It is a great take on how guys view camp vs. how girls view camp. I would say that I am drinking Hillsongs’ cool-aid but that analogy hits to close to home for religious institutions. Needles to say I am a huge Hillsong fan, I love that they successfully think outside the box and realize that if doing things different is what it takes to reach seekers than so be it. Definitely have to visit some time and look up Dave and his crew.

Youtube Friday: Bethany and Jeremiah

13 06 2008

Here is the highlight reel from my latest wedding. Michelle yours is next!

Youtube Friday: Apple Coldplay Ad

6 06 2008

My good friend Gareth posted this video I have to agree as a fellow Apple coolaid drinker who loves everything they do . I love this commercial. If you are wondering 11 days till the new Coldplay record comes out.