More Good news for iPhone owners

22 07 2008

Great news for iPhone owners. Free something!


Top 10 iPhone apps I use.

21 07 2008

apple-iphone-404_677418cJust got my iPhone last week. It was crazy but well worth it. Read that story here.The web was all a flutter with the app store. I have found however that some of the touted apps from the app store don’t function as well as some iPhone specific web sites out there. Here are a few of my favorites thus far.

1. Mobile WordPress – WordPress is rumored to be working on a killer iPhone app. Untill then this works for short posts and checking stats

2. Hahlo – a mobile twitter client that I may like better than twitterific

3. Google talk – google talk optimized for your iPhone – very nicely done.

4. Remember the Cat – a free remember the milk iPhone app. works with remember the milk to do lists.

5. Mobile Zoho – What is zoho you ask – Think Microsoft office only free and not made by Microsoft (two of my favorite things.)

6. Google reader – again kudos google folks

7. Pinpoint – search for restaurants and entertainment options.

8. Facebook – I love the web app for iPhone much better than the app store app, by far.

9. OneTrip – Grocery list for iPhone –

10. TV Guide – This is a great little program to tell you what is on right now and in the future.

Let me know what your fav is and if I missed any applications that I don’t know about.

Back to the iPhone

15 07 2008

Couldn’t agree wit Seth more. Apple botched it.

New iPhone Ad.

15 07 2008

Picture 2
My suggestion for Apple for when they redo their iPhone ad.

Twice as fast, half the price (2/3 your life)

I am not a line sitter. I just don’t understand the cultural phenomena of can’t wait to have something so I will wait 2 days in line to have it now. I digress. It is long story I won’t bore you with but basically I got caught up in the iPhone storm due to an overlap in my verizion and AT&T contracts. If I didn’t get an iPhone in the first two days it was out I was going to be contractually bound to a Palm Centro, not a bad Phone definitely not an iPhone.

Here is a brief snapshot of what happened that made me “temporarily” dissatisfied with Apple and AT&T.

6:30am – Arrive at the AT&T store Pastor Mark was waiting with baited breath all night and had a young person act as my line holder.

8:00am- Doors open – first 6 people are admitted I am next.

8:21am – I am let in. I go through the whole process. MY iPhone is 3 feet away. They ask for ID. I freeze I forgot my wallet at home was doing an even exchange with the Palm Centro. Was so focused on my return I forgot my wallet. I begged I pleaded I asked if there was anything I could do. Leave my Phone as collaeral, name my next child steve and the one after that jobs. Nothing.

9:45am – Wife brings wallet

10:00am – Second time in line

11:20am – Find out there are no more iPhones and they will not be getting more today

11:35am – went inside to return Centro and pre-order iPhone found out I couldn’t do that. And then to add insult to injury one AT&T employee said to me “you know you should have waited in the store and had someone bring you your wallet.” Again something you could have told me YESTERDAY!!!

5:00pm – Drove an hour to Syracuse to return my Centro to AT&T and buy a phone from the Apple store who still had “Plenty”.

5:20 – found out from AT&T guy that I have to return my phone and get an iPhone from AT&T because I have a return. I asked if I should return my phone tonight he said no do it all together. Come back tomorrow morning off the record they were getting quite a few iPhones.

9:20am the next day drive another hour to Syracuse stand in line for the 3rd time at the At&T store.

10:00am they open and assure all of us that they have “plenty” of phones.

10:30am – my turn. Yea! The store manager explains that I should have returned the Centro last night for the system to process the return. She returns it anyway. I then stand in line wait for the return specialist to call the “war room” and get my transaction approved.

11:45 – iGet iPhone iTicked iHappy

So needless to say. I was annoyed with the whole experience many people iStood in line with also received the iShaft apple needs to fix a few things before iPhone 3.0.

I was a little frustrated at Apple but Steve Jobs and I talked it out over a nice cool cup of cool-aid and all is right again.

The cool-aid tastes great!

9 06 2008

I love apple! I have been geeking out watching the WWDC on my day off. This December my Verizon contract runs out. Merry Christmas to me here I come At&t.