Where am I?

27 03 2008

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I haven’t been blogging so much I have been Pastor General Contractor this week. Lots of meetings not a lot of free time.

I tell you what all you general contractors out there I know I have a large audience of you guys. I tip my hard hat to you. I could not do what you do day in and day out.

I know all of this will be worth it one fine day. Until then……Mt. Zion “Can we build it?”….”Yes we can!”


Easter Hangover.

23 03 2008

We had a great Easter Service. At our kids church the room was packed with kid from K5 to 6th grade (We combined our age groups this week for easter only). We had a great time in small groups doing age appropriate activities and when it came to the bible story you could hear a pin drop as the kids hung on every important word.

It was great to see the kids go from sadness upon hearing what Christ has done for us to joy as they heard of the account of risen saviour and what it must have been like to receive the joyous news that Jesus was alive.

The best part of the service is 12 kids made a decision to follow Christ something I never take lightly because I still remember when I made that decision during nap time at the age of 5.

What a great day. What a great saviour.

After the service we had some of our best friends over for a Luce Easter dinner, Pasta, Lamb, veggies and of course desert and coffee.

Hannah and Sean are some of our closest friends. I am so thankful for friends like them. Hannah has a great blog check it out. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery so I thought I would post some pictures of our day in true Hannah fashion.

Hope your resurrection day was a good one.





Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Free Live Scoring.

22 03 2008


Quick post.

Fantasy Baseball is here and I love it. This is my 4th year playing. I have done well but have never come in first place and have never been below 3rd. I am hoping to take it all this year.

Why I like fantasy baseball.

1. I have a informal small group of guys who duke it out each year, verbally spar and just have a good time.

2. It has made me a better fan. I have learned a lot about other teams and other players (Not just God’s team the NY Yankees)

3. Next to themselves most people really love talking about sports. It is a great connecting point.

I use Yahoo’s fantasy baseball. It is free and very widely used so there are scripts for free in season scoring.

If you have never tried it. It isn’t to late get some friends together and play Head to Head much more fun with a group of friends, for bragging rights alone.

YouTube Friday: Jim Carrey on Canada

21 03 2008

Here is a video where Jim Carrey talks about Canada.  Why is he so funny?

Why God is a Yankee Fan.

20 03 2008

Ny Yankees Logo
Today we are all Yankee Fans. Well that may be taking it a bit to far.
I think what the Yankees did was total class. Playing a preseason game with the VT baseball team was a great way to raise money and help out people who were profoundly affected by a terrible tragedy.

I think it is great when you use whatever God has given you to help others out.

How can you use the favor, talents and gifts God has given you to help those who are in need?

This is just another example why God is a Yankee fan.

Work Day 2.0

18 03 2008

What do you get when you combine 12 men 4 jack hammers and a back hoe.

A huge mess.

We had our second workday getting ready for JMC.

We took up 2500 square feet of floor tile. 3500 square feet of ceiling tiles. Ripped out carpet and prepped walls for paint.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out. It is going to be great. Thanks again.



YouTube Friday: SI Swimsuit Edition

14 03 2008

What is true beauty.

I have worked with young people for many years and one of the the things that drives me crazy is how so often we allow beauty to be defined for us and to us by the media.

I am not a media hater by any means. I think media is powerful, but as we learned from uncle Ben “With great power comes great responsiblity.” I think that many media outlets are not using their power responsibly.

Magazines paint (literally and figuratively) images in the minds of girls of what they can never obtain outside of photoshop and boys an image of perfection that is not based in reality.

I will keep my comments to a pointed minimum since it is youtube friday but check out these links to read more.

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