YouTube Friday: Hillsong Healer Correction

22 08 2008

A couple of weeks ago I posted a youtube video from Hillsong. It has come to my attention that the author of the song was faking his terminal illness. Here is the article explaining it.

I am still a huge fan of Hillsong. I feel very badly especially for his wife and kids. I still believe every word that was written under false pretenses. Despite his obvious delusional state, every word he or someone who wrote that song “Healer” says about our God is true.




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24 08 2008
Dave Wakerley


Thanks for your wise response.

It is a pretty devastating situation, but our eyes are on God not man!!



13 09 2008

The lovely thing about my God is that he likes to meet us in our place of need. God will meet Michael in his place and bring healing to his life. I agree that it must be devastating for his wife, kids, mum and dad and the whole thing is very sad… but at the same time isn’t it good that he’s dealing with the lies in his life. I still believe the words were written out of a place of sickness, ok it wasn’t cancer but he has other addictions he spoke of. I also believe the words are still relevant to who my God is, Jehovah Rapha – God my Healer.

27 10 2008

Hi Sam,

thanks for ur encouraging comments. I would like to ask ‘ has anybody read about Rahab, the Harlot of Jericho’ God used her irrespective of the fact that she was a prostitute.Josh.2:1-3, The Bible says in John 4:4 that and He must needs go through Samaria.why? to meet an adulterer.Jesus knowing who she was still chose to minister to her and through her evangelize an entire city. Please let us remember that God is Sovereign and in His Sovereignty can u anybody or anything to bring glory to His name.If you question that, ask Balaam’s donkey. Num.22:23-30, He used Michael irrespective of his fabrication because “His word shall return to Him void but it shall acomplish the purpose for which it was sent, and in this case to heal and Many are healed and shall be healed including Michael and his Family. for Joseph said “U meant it for evil but God turned it to be good, Amen.
Adjetey from Belgium

27 10 2008

written error: I meant in His Sovereignty can use anybody or anything, thanks.

27 10 2008

error: shall not return unto Him void.

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