YouTube Friday: Worst Preacher Ever

15 08 2008

Studying for my camp messages and a friend of mine told me about this video. I am not sure why, maybe to boost my confidence or keep me from preaching a similar message to 6th graders. Either way it’s a crazy video all I can say is WOW.

(Brief disclaimer if you are in Bible College – Watch this video and do the exact opposite of what he does)




6 responses

15 08 2008

Wow. I was wondering if there was really an audience there until half way through I heard the baby whine. OH MY GOODNESS!
Did he have to bring up Germany? (shaking my head…) That is not true btw – the whole position of peeing in Germany.

15 08 2008
Scott Gardeski

wow… guess i’m pretty manly

16 08 2008
mark schilling

i can’t find one acceptable way to respond to you on this one lol…. Dont get me wrong there are about 50 ways I COULD go but i wont

16 08 2008

Ha! I found this a few months ago. He has a great message on why Billy Graham is going to hell. Yeah, he went there.

I have to disagree though. This is not the worst preaching ever. The link below is the worst… enjoy it!

17 08 2008
Rob McKee

wow, wow, wow

16 09 2008

I didn’t obey the signs in Germany either. There are signs believe it or not.

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