It’s my first Birthday!

15 04 2008

It is my blogging birthday. One year can’t believe it.

I am so glad I joined the blogging community when I did. I have learned a lot about myself and from all of you out there.

What I have learned in my first year in blogosphere.

1. If you want lots of hits go negative (I call those blogs “Bla-Bla’s”. My goal has never been to have lots of hits my goal to network with other leaders to learn and grow. To help our kids be transformed into Christ’s image and reach more kids with the power of the gospel.

2. You learn a lot about your self through the discipline of putting your thoughts out there.

3. You make friends you never would any other way.

4. blogosphere is a sounding board for ideas and thought as well as gaining knowledge from the success and failure of others.

5. I have also found blogging to be a great way to communicate with my own leaders. I have experimented with video, and direct posts to certain volunteer groups. I am looking to do much more in the area of training, equipping and vision/mission reinforcement in the coming year.

Huge thanks to all of you who read my blog I really appreciate it. I am excited about the things that God has in store for the church in general this year.




2 responses

15 04 2008

You forgot to mention that it’s also a place promote MAC’s into our lives…

15 04 2008

Happy birthday! Woo hoo! Way to go man! Keep blogging away!

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