How to Deal (How I deal with grief)

13 02 2008

Here is a list of resources that have helped me the past year.

A grief observed C.S.Lewis
When we hurt Philip Yancey
Changes that Heal Henry Cloud
The problem of Pain C.S. Lewis
Second Guessing God
The Bible (Mainly Job and Psalms)
Also I would add that most funeral homes have great resources about talking with kids about death, how to deal with loss ect.

Lastly it’s not a resource that you can buy but being able to talk through stuff and receive prayer all within healthy community. We all need others and that need is never more evident than when you are hurting.




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13 02 2008

Three to add to that are:

Where is God When It Hurts – also by Yancey

A Grief Observed – CS Lewis. This book is great because in “The Problem of Pain” he deals with pain from a theological and intellectual standpoint. Boy is it different when you are in the midst, which is the viewpoint from “A Grief Observed.” Lewis had lost his wife.

When God Doesn’t Make Sense – Dr. James Dobson

These books and some of the ones you mentioned helped get me through a few rough patches in my life. Life is unpredictable and loss is inevitable, but we have a security knowing that Father God is in control.

13 02 2008

Thanks for the tips Donny. I will check them out.

15 02 2008

I Ditto C.S. Lewis’s “A Grief Observed”

it’s tragically honest!

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