Super thoughts on Regular Wednesday.

6 02 2008

Well yesterday was “Super Tuesday” the day in American politics that is supposed to choose the leader of each of our two parties for the upcoming november election. I didn’t vote. Before you freak out let me just say that I am a registered independent and can’t vote in my states primary. If I was a registered Republican I would have voted for Huckabee if I was a Democrat I would have voted for Obama.

I don’t make it a practice to blog about politics but regular Wednesday following Super Tuesday seems like the best time to blog about politics.

In the last 6 years I have slowly come to this realization. The church is to involved in politics. We need to vote as citizens I truly believe that. I think that far to many churches believe that electing the right guy or gal will equal God’s favor in and on our country. We even get intoxicated by the often made evangelical voting block references in the todays media. I have come to a realization over the past 6 years or so and it is this, Politics Will Not Change America. Having a Christian in the oval office will not bring a renaissance of Christian values. I must trust more in God and his ability to use whoever to answers the prayers I pray.

I will vote this fall, even though there is not one Republican or Democrat that share my views and will do what I believe needs to be done to keep our country moving in the right direction. I vote because I am a citizen of a great country not as a evangelical trying to achieve a Religious awakening via politics in America, that I believe will come if you and I love God more and love others more.




3 responses

7 02 2008
lori buck

This was outstanding! Very very well said.

7 02 2008

Well done, Sam.

20 02 2008

I agree, Sam. The church IS way too involved with politics. It is an individual decision, and should not be influenced by one’s church. Too many people vote by listening to the crowd, whether that be their church, the media, their friends… Voters need to take voting more seriously and look at ALL the issues, (not just a candidate’s religious preference or views on abortion or gay marriage) and vote independently from others. Some friends of mine attend Imago Dei here in Portland and have told me that there is a mix of parties represented, and there is no pressure to vote one way or the other. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many churches. If someone finds out you’re voting left, you’re suddenly pegged as needing prayer or whatever. But seriously, voters need to make an informed vote. Isn’t that what Democracy is all about?

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