I love Hillsong!

2 01 2008

cdhillsongkids_telltheworldI love Hillsong. I am so excited I just got the new Hillsong Kids CD and DVD. I love, love, love it. It is differnt from the other DVD’s they have made (I am not talking about the fact the name doesn’t have super in it anywhere) and I love it even more.

I am so greatful to Dave, Julia and the crew at Hillsong Kids. I am so blown away so often by the level of commitment to excellence, the power of the Holy Spirit and the example All things are possible in children’s ministry.

Every time I get the new Hillsong kids dvd I so want to move to Australia to just be a part of the great things God is doing. The fact we usually have about 2 feet of snow on the ground at the time doesn’t help.

If you work with kids you MUST get the CD and the DVD it can and will help you be more effective, creative and intentional about reaching this Generation for Him.

Hillsong, we are so blessed by what you do. Thank you so very much.

My top 5 favs from this album are:

1. I’m Not Ashamed
2. Lean on You
3. Yours Alone
4. My Number One
5. You’re the Answer




3 responses

2 01 2008
David Wakerley

Wow, thanks Sam!!!

We REALLY spend a LOT of energy to ensure we are giving our best for kids!


2 01 2008

Thank you Dave.

I did have one question though. I only see the background video tracks for about 4 of the 12 songs. There were some very cool ones you didn’t include. Is there any way I can buy them from you? I use them for our kids worship.

God bless.

4 01 2008
Rob Bradbury

This is a must get album, great songs and production Go Hillsong!
Looking forward to more great postings in 08 Sam
-PS It’s 42 celsius right now down under!

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