YouTube Friday: August Rush

14 12 2007

poster.jpg I rarely recommend movies for a lot of reasons but for youtube friday I thought I would push August Rush. My beautiful wife and I went on a much needed date night last night. We went to one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants then to see August Rush. What a great movie there was so much I loved about this film. The actual production value was great. The soundtrack was amazing. There were a few believability issues but overall a heartwarming tale of the power of family. Honestly it was one of the better movie I have seen in a while. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Jason Boucher for the trailer and the extra push to go see a great film.

When I was in drama in high school we had sort of an inside joke. If something was fantastic we saw. My fellow Thespians would say the following: “I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats. I would see it again and again.”

Go see it. It is worth the $8.50.




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16 12 2007

Finally a movie worth seeing. I’ll have to check it out!

1 06 2008

ok i reached here by googling august rush. was reading ur review. didnt evennotice at first but just did that u r a minister . basically a church person. so have to ask u this , are u antigay ? btw im not from the us , not of the christian faith. often wonder how the real religious people of us look upon gays. is the bigotry REAL and WIDESPREAD or is it just some people. now u r a person with a family who goes to movies etc , so ur somebody normal to me. So am asking u. Ur view on the very average sort of gay person who wants to raise a family or live as simply a couple …all VERY BAD PEOPLE ? please post the answer here. thanks

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