gets it.

20 11 2007

When it comes to church marketing gets it.

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I received about two weeks ago a FREE book from they are promoting Craig’s new book Going all the way. All I have to do is blog about the book. They didn’t tell me what to say. They didn’t say it had to be positive. I love what they are doing here.

There is something about free that gets people talking. understands marketing.

1. Give away what you can.
2. Keep in mind who you are trying to reach and How to reach them.
3. Perception is reality.
4. You reap what you sow.

Thank you Lifechurch for your contribution to the church as a whole. Thank you for modeling how church  and marketing can coexist.




3 responses

20 11 2007
Matt McKee

where’s my free book? I blog to you know… by the way I appreciate the love on your blogroll but my my name is Matt McKee not Matt Mackee. No big deal but thought you should know.

20 11 2007

Sorry Matt. I will change that immediately. As far as the book you can contact Sara who is Craig’s assistant let her know you are a blogger and the address of your blog and if they have any left they will send you one.

6 03 2008

The title and book cover is a real lure. Just think how many children will buy it, thinking it’s about how to have sex. At least that’s what my young son’s opinion was. Really like the boy’s legs crossed, while the girl’s bare legs are being the aggressor. Demeaning to women, aside unrealistic body type images.

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