Bus Driver Move That Bus!

7 11 2007

I have recently finished my office makeover. It was long overdue and I love it. I have made a decision against clutter (as a creative non-traditional organizer, this is a tough one) and have decided to try to file stuff. Most everything now is electronic and so filing is not needed. Just a couple of things left to do but isn’t that always the case.

No more Al Gore for me.








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7 11 2007
mark schilling

your touching tale of a struggling pastor in a cluttered word moved me so much that i cried. FINALLY a place where you can raise your 120 kids.

7 11 2007

I think you just made yourself eligible for the new host of queer eye for the straight guy. haha. sorry, jk. Looks good.

8 11 2007
Matt McKee

Congrats on a cool office. Now you just need some shag and you will be set. It feels good to get this done doesn’t it?

8 11 2007
Gareth Gilpin

Can you post another picture in a month?

9 11 2007

I can’t wait to see “after!”

9 11 2007

Thanks guys for the kind words.


“shag” that is hilarious.


I will, one month to the day. No photoshop or intern help.


Thanks. I am glad my little office made such a profound impact.


No comment

10 11 2007
Kenny Conley

Where is the after? Am I missing something?

10 11 2007
Kenny Conley

Never mind… I’m sorry. In my reader I can see your after picture, but I can’t on your website. Looks great man! There’s nothing like working in a space that just feels right.

10 11 2007

Darlene and Kenny,

I think it may be an Internet Explorer thing. I am just guessing because I have a mac and I check my blog out on a few different browsers but don’t have IE because evil bill doesn’t make it for mac’s anymore.

I will work on trying to figure out why it does this.


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