Temporary Depression.

29 10 2007

red_sox_unravel_macgregor.jpg It is with a heavy heart I blog today. There are a very few things worse for me than seeing the Yankees lose. One of those things is seeing the Red Sox do well.

I think you know that you are a “Die-Hard” fan when you feel the same sinking feeling when your team loses as you do when their sworn enemy succeeds.

I really don’t like the Red Sox. The only thing worse than a Red Sox fan is a Red Sox fan when their team is doing well.

I have little to comfort me today. The only thing I find comfort

in is hearing the distant chant of my grandchildren in the new Yankee Stadium 86 years from now saying very loudly “two thousand seven – clap, clap, clap, – two thousand seven.”




4 responses

29 10 2007

GO SOX!! Look on the bright side, you got Joe Girardi…a guy that the Yanks will pay over the next 3 years the same amount of money they offered Torre for 1 year. That doesn’t necessarily ring “we have faith in you winning us a championship soon, Joe.” Go Sox!

29 10 2007

And at least you don’t have to put up with A-Rod anymore! He did the same thing to us in Seattle, it’s all about the benjamins baby. And to leak the news during game 4 of the WS?! Good riddance.

8 11 2007

Don’t know if you remember me from the PBC days, but I came across your blog and you happened to write about one of my favorite things, the Red Sox. Ya’ll had me a little scared going into the postseason, but alas it was not meant to be. The only thing better would have been the Sox beating the Yankees on their way to being champs.

9 11 2007

Ben I do remember you in fact so well I find it hard to believe you are a red sox fan. You seemed so full of hope and promise. Underneath that friendly exterior was a dark complicated love of the red sox (please note red sox was intentionally left lower case to show disrespect.) .

Great to hear from you Ben. Thanks for reading my blog. Where are you at? What have you been up to since PBC?

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