YouTube Friday: Inspiration

12 10 2007

I know the past few weeks I have put up videos that are funny. This week I wanted two put up two videos that have inspired me.

Some of the first things these two videos did for me was challange me to look beyond the surface to see people not as I would see them on my own but see the God given talent and potential that each person posses. I think we can so easily marginalize and limit people based on our perceptions of who they are and what they can accomplish.

I am learning that some of the best people for children’s ministry are not always the people who you would think. That is a power recruitment tool. Get to know who someone is before you decide what they are all about.

I say this because I am guilty of doing just that. God is speaking I am listening. What about you? Be Inspired!

Paul Potts

Nick Vujicic – talking about the grace of God.




One response

12 10 2007
rob bradbury

Nick is a champion, we know him down here pretty well. An amazing overcomer throught the power of God.

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