Reinventing the wheel of PreSchool Ministry. (2 of 4)

9 10 2007

What do kids need to know?



The goal of teaching kids is not the transfer of information. The goal of teaching is internalization of life transforming truth.

Kids need to know.

1. God loves me
2. I need to love others
3. I need to help others
4. I need to live for Jesus
5.  Meanings of special days (Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter,)

What does a non-traditional approach to preschool ministry look like? We will look at that tomorrow.




2 responses

9 10 2007
Matt McKee

I am liking this series on Preschool. To many times these kids get overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to give them attention with great thoughts.

9 10 2007


I agree. Guilty as charged. I have for far to long underestimated the capacity preschoolers have for life transforming truth. Until my son was in preschool I never really got how much they pick up stuff and what it is that they are picking up. Thanks for reading my blog and your encouraging words.

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