Is that community? (part 3 of 3)

4 10 2007

The Bad and the Ugly of community.

The next point that stood out to me in Nancy’s talk was how the second hallmark of community is conflict (the first one being inclusiveness). I was totally blown away. I would never have guessed she would say conflict.

She said that we should be regularly be saying that we are sorry for things we have done.

The Bad of community would be confronting someone in love you have relationship with. I say bad because no one wants to confront someone, especially someone you love. If you do not have anyone in your life that has your permission to speak into your life that doesn’t sign your paycheck I would seriously doubt you have community.

The Ugly of community would be you telling someone who you have relationship with and have forged a bond of trust what your struggles are. This is rarely pretty, but very crucial.

I think that we all want community we all want friendships that are deep and meaningful.

We all want the Good which is people who truly wish for God’s best in all we do. They believe in us no matter what. The question is do we want the Bad and Ugly that go along with the good and make up the true picture of authentic community.

In the end community is a powerful and sometimes painful thing that all of us need and desire whether we know it or not.

I have included a link to Nancy’s talk she gave at our church. It was powerful. Check it out.




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5 10 2007

I Found this interesting quote @ a internet quote site while studying for this weeks message:

Years ago, when speaker of the house Sam Rayburn heard he had terminal cancer, he shocked everyone when he announced he was going back to his small town in Bonham, Texas. People said to him: “They have got the finest facilities in Washington, D. C. Why go back to that little town?”

Rayburn’s response speaks to the priceless importance of community. He said, “Because in Bonham, Texas, they know if you’re sick, and they care when you die.”

Well Said…

9 10 2007

Did you notice that only Mike posted anything on your 5 of 6 and 9 of 34 blog posts. Let me help you out. Blogs should be short sweet and to the point. Just like 4th week sermons.

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