Things to NEVER say in front of your childrens pastor

25 06 2007

Karl Bastian “The Kidologist” has a great website with lots of stuff for children’s workers. I joined his site and have benefited greatly. I urge you to check his site out. He has lots of helpful tips, some are practical and some are very humorous. I decided to take one of his list and feature it here. I did a similar one a couple of weeks ago. I hope you laugh, enjoy and learn.


  • Do you think you’ll have a real ministry someday?
  • When I was growing up in church, we didn’t need to have fun.
  • What do you do with all that money the board gives you?
  • You’re disturbing the MAIN service.
  • Choir members shouldn’t have to work in the nursery.
  • How come VBS is only five days long?
  • I don’t think anyone will mind if we add another worship service.
  • Just announce it in the bulletin if you need more workers.
  • After church lets out, I need to talk to someone; just keep my kids in children’s church for a while until I get back.
  • My kid says you won’t even last as long as the last one.


  • They are just Kids.
  • Can you just show the kids a movie.
  • What do you do during the week?
  • I can’t teach, this week. I really need to be in church.
  • You are supplying childcare right?
  • Take your time picking up your kids, they are having a great time.
  • I think our worship service should be longer.
  • Here is the BIG churches old sound board. I doesn’t work to good. You can use it for the kids!
  • What if i miss out on something in Big church?
  • I only come for the candy.
  • Our kids get more out of the adult service so, we keep them with us.



2 responses

25 06 2007

Histerical. Love that last one.
My contributions, which i have heard: “Do you think you’ll ever pastor a “real” church someday?” or how about, “Can’t you just make your own curriculum? You don’t work during the week.”

16 02 2008


The music is too loud.

Here are some websites of great churches that have their kids fasting and attending all night intercession.

Why are we spending all this money on kids?

Good thoughts!

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