If Children Really Mattered Part 2

18 06 2007

“What if all the children in the church were provided with personal champions or sponsors, adults who committed to remembering their birthdays, taking them out for ice cream after every performance no matter how minor, inviting them to special outings together, and praying daily for their growth in the faith? Can you imagine the impact of a man saying to a 10-year-old boy, I’m going to a college basketball game next month. Want to come with me? Want to bring along two of your best friends? Or something like, I don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, but I’m a mechanic. Would you like to come to my garage for a day and see what I do? I’ve got stuff you can help me with. In this day of so many single parent households, the influence of a godly adult on a young boy or girl could be dynamic. How many churches would step up to organize such a contact?”

The rest of the article can be found at the following link: “Do children really matter?

“This is one of those powerful ideas that secular organizations like Big Brother Big Sister seem to get more than the church does. This is a potentially powerfull idea. Where the church community joins with the children’s ministry and does all they can to support the family unit. This is very convicting stuff for me as a children’s pastor. We are limited somewhat in what we can do for a kid and his family in one hour. But if we used that hour as a spring board for other ministy during the week, there is much opportunity to encourage the child and strengthen the parents. I know as a parent there is nothing like someone who loves your kids. It has a profound impact on both the parent and the child. What do you guys think of this. How could or should something like this work in a church. Sould it be a program or and organic grass roots movment?




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18 06 2007

I believe it has to be an intentional part of the ministry of the church with people specifically called according to their gifts to carry it out. If it is left to a generic vision and a generic invitaition for everyone to do, I don’t think very many, if any, will do it. Children’s ministry just doesn’t rank that high on the priority list of churches.

20 06 2007

Here’s another (slightly off topic but not completely) idea. What if the children’s pastor had a handout in the weekly bulletin. It would include a recap on the children’s sermon and pointers for parents to help instil those values into their children’s lives. Maybe questions they could talk about in the car (practical and sensitive to people’s bz lives) or it could have an activity that took a bit more time (maybe a walk in nature and talking about God’s creation if that were the sermon topic) etc.

Then what about people like my husband and I who keep our child(ren) in the service with us? We do this based on all the scriptures about bringing entire families including children into the house of God, and based on the belief that we personally will do best and our child learn more if we worship as a family. This is a personal belief for us, not one I would push on others as we base it on scriptural principles, not scriptural commands. Anway, we are already pleased with the results of this with our not quite 2 year old who can list off ways to praise the Lord and actively uses them in worship and who sometimes repeats what the Pastor is saying.

Anyway, I would love to have a coloring picture that went along with the pastor’s sermon for my small child, or a related story. Or even if the service itself were more geared towards children – with children involved (young ones) in worship or passing the offering buckets or doing a drama for the adults related to the sermon or coming up front for a mini sermon like in the old syle…. etc Guess we are probably in the minority tho so not the most relevant thing for you to think about. LOL

21 06 2007

I agree that children’s ministry does not receive the attention and focus it needs by those outside of the children’s departments of churches in america. I have been the children’s pastor at my church for 10 years next week and have seen a lot of changes in children’s ministry for the better. To quote a cigarette commercial (something I have never done before) “We have come a long way baby.” God bless you Tom and the kids you work with.


I completely disagree.

26 06 2007

Guess I didn’t realize how much you value children’s church being the place for children and not the adult service. I guess i just see things slightly differently because I like to see the generations together. But in no way did I mean that to reflect poorly on what you do. My husband and I have always thought you were an awesome children’s pastor.

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