R.E.A.D. T.H.I.S. P.O.S.T. Part 2

9 05 2007

We are redoing our kids wing and will be renaming all of our children’s environments . There will be no acronyms. When coming up with a new name for our children’s environment I considered the following things.

StickinessWill people remember it to be able to tell their next door neighbor.

FunctionIs the name just cool sounding or does it work within your church culture.

ClarityDoes it make sense. Does it convey what you are trying to convey.

Our overall theme is going to be a kids town so we want all the names to revolve around that (stickiness and clarity). We decided to try to include the age of the kids in the name of the class (function and clarity). The names we came up with are as follows:

2 Months to walking – Crawlers
Walking to 2 years – Walkers
2 year olds – 2nd Ave.
3 year olds – 3nd Street
4 and 5 year olds – 45th place
K5 – 4th Grade – oneway
5th – 7th Grade – Junction 567

One last thought, many churches are now naming their children’s ministry to match their church name (The City Church their kids ministry is City Kids). I think this is a great idea the more the ways you can reinforce your brand “who you are as a church” the better. In our situation we could not do this but I do think that it is a great idea if you can.

Let me know what you think of new names for our different environments.




2 responses

13 05 2007


I love the new names. We are sorting our at the moment too. Everything will be branched off Life…hence, Lifekids. What I love about your stuff is each name invokes a journey/adventure.

Clear, Consistent, Action Oriented.

Love it.

16 05 2007
Kenny Conley

I agree. I just moved over to the campus I am on 9 months ago. Actually the campus I was on before the one I am at now became a campus because we merged with my existing church. As I moved over, the name for the ministry was the first to go… TimberLand. The church is Cross Timbers Community Church… so it went with the name. But I didn’t think that 4th and 5th grade boys would “buy” TimberLand. So now we are CT Kids. It’s not super exciting, but it’s clear. Next I want to name the departments within CT Kids… and there we’ll really focus on creating some identity. I do like your names though…


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