25 04 2007

Moving my Blog.

I have weighed the pros and cons and have decided to move my blog. I wanted to make a decision before it became a very combersome task. I have used both Typepad and WordPress. They both have their advantages and disadvantages . The one thing that was going to keep me from WordPress was the writing had to be done in html. Of which I know nothing. Lucky for me Zoho offers a wonderful online wordprocessor that publishes directly to your blog fully wrapped in html.

Advantages of WordPress – flexablity, freedom, better internal stats and it’s free99.

Disadvantages of WordPress – somewhat of a learning curve

Advantages of Typepad – Ease of use

Disadvantages of Typepad – Price, not as flexable

I will be moving my blog to



2 responses

6 12 2007
karl bastian

just so you know, you do not need to write in HTML on wordpress. There are two tabs, one for code if/when you want use HTML, but if you use the text tab you can write like you are in Word, bold, italics, insert images, whatever, and there are lots of powerful plugins that are easy. If you are on Mac Safari will only show the code writing box, use Firefox and you’ll see tons of features. WordPress is amazing and I found it east to learn and use. You’ll be very happy!

7 12 2007


Thanks for the pointers. I had a friend show me not to long ago how to turn on the visual posting feature. MUCH easier. I did however find a blog writing tool I like in the meantime and still use. It is called ecto it works great. Very mac friendly and perfect for multiple blogs.

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