1 vs. 100

23 04 2007

I was reading Luke 15 the other day and was impacted afresh by God’s heart for people who have yet to find Him.

I was challenged to leave the 99 and go after the one that is strayed hurt and searching. I think in ministry and especially children’s ministry we can very easily fall into a care for who comes mentality instead of what can we do to reach every seeker in my city?

What are we doing that is impacting, reaching beyond us?

I think that sometimes it is easier and more comfortable to stay with the 99 and leave the 1 for someone else. Jesus didn’t see it that way.

To be a church that impacts your city you need to have a "white hot passion for evangelism" Ed Young Jr. I think that evangelism looks a bit different in children’s ministry.

What are some creative ideas to reach that 1 kid that Jesus was referring to in Luke 15? We will go over that tomorrow.




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